Le Sigh

Before we all go ranting, I know there are starving children all over the World. But unless you’re eating only 1200 calories per day, give regularly to the poor, don’t indulge in anything (movies, books, smoking, drugs, holidays, chocolate etc) please don’t lecture me. I’m just a 21st century girl with 21st century girl problems, … Continue reading

*sniff sniff*

I have a cold today. I was so careful last year, but someone sneezed on me (if I see him I’mma sneeze grandchildren germs right back at him. Family members should stick together, not spread around). One of the things my BFF and I love to do is make up fantastical stories about fantastical things. … Continue reading

Three things I learned today

I’m spending way too much time on tumblr reading posts and loving pictures. However, I would not have found Cyrus Kabiru, a Kenyan sculptor whose art has inspired me to stick with the African in me. Afropunk. Exciting. Digital book signing. My dream. Because my fans are going to come from all over the World. … Continue reading


Interesting how we always seem to beat ourselves up about things we cannot control (like the bloody word count! ARGH!). I don’t usually struggle with words, so anything less than 1000 per day is really difficult to swallow. But I ain’t een gon deal wid it now. Instead I’m keeping a mental picture of the … Continue reading

Being more

This week I’m contemplating what it means to have a brand and what I want mine to be. It is not going well. I like Kente cloth and African prints done in Danish wax. I’m gong NUTS with African Fashion on Tumblr.       How to translate these into a brand is going to … Continue reading

Chapter three

So, I get it, I’m a pretty prolific writer. It’s a gift. Seriously, I’m not making this up. My roomie is always like “Yo! What’s all that Madea typin’ you be doin’?” and I’m like “Don’t mess with ma flow son!” I usually end up writing anywhere between 4,000 (on a slow day) to 8,000 … Continue reading

High Cheekbones

I’m exceedingly proud of my African heritage. I feel blessed to have been born and raised there and I celebrate every single black person around the World doing good things – even when they don’t get famous for doing those things. One of the things I’ve been celebrating this week are the brilliant coloured materials … Continue reading


As someone who did a few courses in Electricity, I’m always surprised by phrases like, I’m amped. I know, the phrase has something to do with amphetamines, but as someone who has no experience in that, I’m going to walk right past it with my electricity courses and figure it out. It got me thinking … Continue reading

Fantasy on Earth?

I’m in the middle of a story. Then I turn to tumblr so I can shake off a few dust bunnies and then BLAM! All these cool African kids telling stories, posting pictures, saying things that my heart feels. I love Africans. In case you didn’t know and you’re African and you’re reading this, I … Continue reading