Le Sigh

Before we all go ranting, I know there are starving children all over the World. But unless you’re eating only 1200 calories per day, give regularly to the poor, don’t indulge in anything (movies, books, smoking, drugs, holidays, chocolate etc) please don’t lecture me. I’m just a 21st century girl with 21st century girl problems, m’kay?

I love nail polish. I do. Unabashedly. To me, it is art. All the colors, all the combinations and designs. I follow a few bloggers and regularly try to come up with my own designs.


I had started my own collection, like buying paint you have to have different colors and sometimes different brands. I had quite a few and had purchased some really nice nail polish remover. Then my nails started turning yellow. I looked it up and guess what I found. I was slowly poisoning myself with nail polish. It has formaldehyde, DBP and toluene products as well as camphor, all known to have cancer causing properties.

When I was growing up, people who wore nail polish were considered to be fast and the colors they wore were usually some shade of red. Now, you can get almost any color you can dream up and there are numerous blogs and youtube channels with instructions on designs. I even have a pintrest board dedicated to this art.

So imagine just how I felt when I found out about the poisons.

death blow

Most of the bottles in my collection are Sally Hensen and Revlon, who both claim to be free of formaldehyde products and toluene, but there is no mention of DBP or camphor and after all I’m doing to look after my body, I cannot really justify layering my nails with products that will make me sick.

Ah-nee-ways… back to the drawing board. I think I might need to take up a collection, coz when you’re used to $4 per bottle it sure is hard to fork over $8-$15 for the same volume. Slowly but surely, eh?

(missing the flash of color on my keyboard)


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