Nothing is quite as amazing as people loving and appreciating music from other countries whether they understand the lyrics or not. When it is tainted with cultural appropriation – not cute! This is all about cultural appreciation! Enjoy! A different take on the popular Gangnam Style from Aaninka Dance Troupe (Sierra Leon) I love this … Continue reading

Stuck in Saldanagate

I’m not unhappy with Zoe Saldana. She is young and needs to strike while the iron is hot. She had not made any grand statements about civil or racial issues during her career, nor has she been instrumental in putting a visible face of Latina women or women of African descent in powerful positions for … Continue reading

To love me

I’ve been thinking about women like myself. Women of African descent. A number of things have occurred to me about our “plight” and I think I have narrowed it down to a few statements. Whatever and wherever we are depicted, we must be the lusty cunning seductress, compelled to reveal our plump breasts for the … Continue reading

All Hail to the Jock

Before we all get our panties in a tight knot, very uncomfortable for the crack, the jocks have provided us with tons of entertainment. They are invariably dull, always ready for an underwear photo shoot, dumb (as in, they don’t understand science – AT ALL), handsome, tall and underneath it all perfect. They mask their … Continue reading


Yikes. The unruly jocky guy lost in life seeking a purpose. The busty blonde girlfriend in a typical acceptable female job. The strict by-the-book brother who is always helpful. He dies. Jock wants to avenge brother’s death. The humanoid aliens bent on destruction. The Aliens in metallic suits grabbing faces. Boom! Blam! Bang! … the … Continue reading

My name…

I agree. My name is difficult to pronounce. If you do not practice it or ask someone to help you or find similar words in the language of my people to practice with, you will struggle to say it. There are names I have difficulty saying. Ronald. Americans say Ron-uhld. Ugandans say Ron-ahld.  I struggle … Continue reading

What to do…

So you have a GREAT idea. A fabulous idea for a novel/movie/tv series. How do you get people excited about it? I’m not quite sure that making all my family and friends sign Non-Disclosure forms is a great way to get invited to Birthday parties. I find that I am averse to sharing my writing … Continue reading


Let’s start with the side note. One of my old blogs seems to get tons of traffic every day simply because I have a picture of a broken heart on it. Would I be remiss in putting that same image here to get clicks? Hmmmmm…. On a more serious note, I think something someone said … Continue reading