As someone who did a few courses in Electricity, I’m always surprised by phrases like, I’m amped.

I know, the phrase has something to do with amphetamines, but as someone who has no experience in that, I’m going to walk right past it with my electricity courses and figure it out.

It got me thinking about many phrases/words we use and why we choose to use them and why others make us want to throw our computing devices through the window onto unsuspecting pedestrians below.

My struggle today stems from the use of the word ‘graced’ as in – the easy chair that graced the reading nook. 

Grace is a beautiful word and according to my once Pastor, undeserved favor.

We tell people that they graced us with their presence and we urge our children to be gracious hosts. We call certain elevated individuals (elevated by title) your Grace and some of us call our children Grace. I grew up with about 3 or 4 ladies called Grace.

What do you think happens when I read something like this – 

…. he rolled himself off the dirty urine stained mattress that graced the floor of the bedroom …

Sorry. Can’t do it.


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