Speaking Out

I follow a blog. African Books Club – a misleading title run by people you would not expect. I am grateful for it for the most part, for naming books an doing reviews of books I would have never otherwise heard about or read about.

Today I found a recommendation for The Last King of Scotland.

No white people. No. Stop it. Stop it now.

The mighty whitey stories about white people going to war torn countries taking care of sick people or being the confidante of some crazed dictator or trying to live the simple life with simple folk MUST STOP! I understand the need to examine another culture through the eyes of some European form of idealistic savior. I get it. The need to feel like you’re helping the situation, or shedding light on some injustice, or information gathering… I do it in your countries too.

But it always elevates ugly stereotypes that will never benefit a relationship between different peoples.

I know it was not popular, but Idi Amin’s choice to throw out the Indian population did not just come out of thin air.  It seems like the history that has been written has already decided what his reasons were. No one talked to the man. Obviously he was not so off his rocker while he lived out the remainder of his life in exile. So what drove him? But I know you’re not interested in that part of the story. The brutal dark skinned terrorist who kills other people for no good reason… with his unintelligible language and fierce stares. OOooooooohh (like the hyenas in The Lion King). Don’t make me go there.


I know it is not all white people. I know some of y’all have the right heart and mind and are working on being better members of the global civilization. But if you could shush yo brothers and sisters that be writin’ all these books and sayin’ all them things, it would really be a great help.

Read a historical account of race relations in Uganda that was not written by anyone other than a black Ugandan (and not someone paid to confuse the masses while people sign all kinds of contracts under people’s noses).


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