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As someone who did a few courses in Electricity, I’m always surprised by phrases like, I’m amped. I know, the phrase has something to do with amphetamines, but as someone who has no experience in that, I’m going to walk right past it with my electricity courses and figure it out. It got me thinking … Continue reading

Fantasy on Earth?

I’m in the middle of a story. Then I turn to tumblr so I can shake off a few dust bunnies and then BLAM! All these cool African kids telling stories, posting pictures, saying things that my heart feels. I love Africans. In case you didn’t know and you’re African and you’re reading this, I … Continue reading

Story Telling

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I listened to her TED talk before I ever read anything she wrote and was immediately drawn in. She possessed all of the traits that had been lauded by people I respected in my youth. Articulate, opinionated, strong, self aware. She also had qualities much like my own; dark brown skin, love … Continue reading