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Speaking Out

I know it was not popular, but Idi Amin’s choice to throw out the Indian population did not just come out of thin air. Continue reading



Let’s start with the side note. One of my old blogs seems to get tons of traffic every day simply because I have a picture of a broken heart on it. Would I be remiss in putting that same image here to get clicks? Hmmmmm…. On a more serious note, I think something someone said … Continue reading

Coming out grey

I used to live in a dichotomous world. Men vs. Women. Straight vs. Gay. Gay vs. Trans. Feminine vs. Masculine. I was attached to these various dichotomies. There was no middle ground, and if you suggested there was such a thing, such a grey area… you’d get cut son! Over time my eyes have been … Continue reading

Weekly Unnamed Post

Ooooooooooooooh surfing! 1. Recently, a young person grappled with the Theory of Evolution. These are her very eloquent thoughts. 2. Have you ever considered that the sexist characteristic applied to an entire gender (in this case, women) could be used as tools of manipulation? 3. When I watched cartoons that suggested the future will be … Continue reading

Been busy…

Had the most incredible dreams last night, possibly because I was playing Star Trek Voyager. Anyway, I’ve been running around like a cat on a tireless chase around the house searching for the most elusive mouse. My parents are coming! BOTH OF THEM! I’m excited and anxious at the same time. Will they love my … Continue reading