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Being more

This week I’m contemplating what it means to have a brand and what I want mine to be. It is not going well. I like Kente cloth and African prints done in Danish wax. I’m gong NUTS with African Fashion on Tumblr.       How to translate these into a brand is going to … Continue reading


Let’s start with the side note. One of my old blogs seems to get tons of traffic every day simply because I have a picture of a broken heart on it. Would I be remiss in putting that same image here to get clicks? Hmmmmm…. On a more serious note, I think something someone said … Continue reading

The changing times

It has turned out to be one of those days. My protagonist and I are eyeing each other from across the page. He wants to be the quintessential hero, filled with lovable quirks and easy-to-forgive flaws, but equipped with hidden strength and talent ready to burst forth and save the bloody day. No. No little … Continue reading

Writing in Obscurity

You know what I mean. Day after day we labour over text, reading and re-reading it, editing, making major plot changes, reading it again… We don’t complain because we love it. The sound of the tap tap of the keyboard, the roll of the mouse roller thingy as you read the paragraph you just wrote, … Continue reading

Just askin’

How is it that if you are submitting work for a competition it cannot be published anywhere online, and yet you are not really considered a published writer in some circles even if you have work published online? How does that work? Y’all be joshin’ for no good reason. *mutter mutter*