Stuck in Saldanagate

I’m not unhappy with Zoe Saldana. She is young and needs to strike while the iron is hot. She had not made any grand statements about civil or racial issues during her career, nor has she been instrumental in putting a visible face of Latina women or women of African descent in powerful positions for media consumption. No one will make a biopic movie about her life. Neither she, nor her offspring will ever have to see the movie “Zoe Saldana” with an Asian actress playing the part. I ain’t mad at her at all (even though her comments about black actresses in Hollywood showed her to be tactless and ignorant).

What people REFUSE to understand is that what the producers of the show have said (without saying it directly) is that dark women of African descent are not significant enough to play THEIR OWN PARTS in movies.

This is not about Saldana. She is a pawn in the larger issue that grates on the nerves of black women.

Picture for a moment, that the Queen of England is played by Mo’Nique. Don’t fight it. Picture it.

Allow your mind to contemplate President Kennedy played by Eamonn Walker.

(See how I’m choosing actors with the chops to carry the parts?)

On the other hand… Guinevere is played by a black woman on the popular show Merlin. There are TONS of panties in a twist over that one.

I think the gate is stuck open and we need the muscle to shut it closed and write our own films and stories, casting people who interest us.


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