All Hail to the Jock

Before we all get our panties in a tight knot, very uncomfortable for the crack, the jocks have provided us with tons of entertainment. They are invariably dull, always ready for an underwear photo shoot, dumb (as in, they don’t understand science – AT ALL), handsome, tall and underneath it all perfect. They mask their insecurities and inadequacies with bad behavior, but when challenged, rise to the occasion and save the frackin’ day.

However, I would very much like to keep that character out of my story. He keeps weaseling in! After several hours and thousands of  words (be jealous, I average 6000 words a day including lots of at, in, the, a, of, and, words) I find him hiding in paragraphs saying something really jock-y and I dislike it. I think I’m going to kill him dead and start again!

Onward and upward!


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