My name…

I agree. My name is difficult to pronounce. If you do not practice it or ask someone to help you or find similar words in the language of my people to practice with, you will struggle to say it.

There are names I have difficulty saying. Ronald. Americans say Ron-uhld. Ugandans say Ron-ahld.  I struggle with Chinese names. Jiang and Xiang are particularly difficult for me. I’m learning arabic so Khalid or Qamar are a trip, albeit a nice one. The point is, I try. I practice, I ask for help, I utter it a few times and ask for correction.

But when I’m communicating with someone online and they DELIBERATELY misspell my name on my wall when they could use copy and paste?!

Watch yourself!

It is extremely condescending and shows that you have no value for the other person if you cannot even take the time to learn how their name is said. I cannot abide it! I will not!

Anyway, enough with the pet peeve-ing all over the place and back to the serious case of writing. I guess that is how I will tell my story.


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