What to do…

So you have a GREAT idea. A fabulous idea for a novel/movie/tv series.

How do you get people excited about it? I’m not quite sure that making all my family and friends sign Non-Disclosure forms is a great way to get invited to Birthday parties.

I find that I am averse to sharing my writing with anyone but my editor till I have an ISBN and have drummed up enough excitement about it. But how do you do that without arousing the notice of swift ghost writers and other unscrupulous characters who are waiting for the “NEXT BIG THING” to exploit? Do I really want people hopping on my bandwagon who have the money and the means to make it big before I can?

If, for a second in time, you think this cannot happen, turn to your TV guide and tell me just how many Vampire stories there are concerning a young HUMAN girl who falls in love with a VAMPIRE and is torn between that and a WEREWOLF. Yeah…

How do I keep my ish close and yet use all available online sources to the best of my ability?

It’s a struggle. I’m not sure what the answer is.


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