Men in Women’s bodies

I was watching one of the shows I like, Warehouse 13.

In the episode, two of the main characters switch bodies. They’re both Secret Service Agents, one is a man (dorky and dumb jockey-ish) and the other is a woman (smart, stick-up-the-ass).

In the episode, while engaged in romantic situations, they swap bodies. The woman finds herself with a woman, and the man finds himself with a guy love interest. Initially, the woman had struck out with the guy she’s been crushing on since high school. Then while the guy was in her body, he displayed popularized male behavior; burping loudly, ordering hot wings, talking sports, basically anything that can be categorized as jockey-ish.

Everytime this behavior was shown, the high school crush looked at her with deepening interest. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and kissed her!

My brow crinkled. I don’t get it. There can only be one message gleaned.

If you want a man to be interested in you, buy a very tight dress, preferably a short one, then act like a jock. That is who men are interested in, men with women’s bodies!!!

Can there be any other interpretation? This kind of theme is shown time and time again in all kinds of movies.

I don’t get it.


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