Getting Political

Gabby Douglas! YAY!

Dumb tweeters… may molten rock find you wherever you are and BURN everything that is you.

It is no secret that I am very feminist, exceedingly Afrocentric and strong proponent of natural hair. I wear mine in box braids or twists and just let my hair do what it is going to do the way evolution intended.

Frankly, I don’t give a rats ass (mostly coz I’m not sure where to purchase them) about the way people wear their hair. If you are pleased with your appearance, HURRAH! Let’s eat cake together and get fat.

The problem is that people want everyone to look the same, which is why people with very curly hair burn their scalps regularly to like like Betty Sue. When the hair doesn’t wave in the wind, they turn to weaves and wigs and what not. It is so complicated, so confusing and really really bad for your self esteem.

Me? I wish Gabby would do exactly what Gabby loves. Look what it got her! If it makes her feel good inside then it is no one’s place to tell her what to do.

Congratulations to her. She had done what many people have never been able to do!


Gabrielle Douglas


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