(Unnamed) Weekly Series

I’m starting a weekly series where the stuff I haven’t blogged about get listed just so you can have the information too.

1. My sister‘s birthday!! I haven’t seen her since 2007 and I miss her. I think in some ways she knows this. If you read this, I love you!

2. People who can’t do certain things like to disqualify those who can. Photography isn’t photography if it has been edited using photoshop? Since when?

3. I’m not sure why I did not know this, but one of my favorite actors is gay! Believe me, this is no sully to his image in my books. I love him a little bit more for it.

4. Look at the picture below. Can you imagine if our afros actually did that? That would be cool when you want to scare someone because you’re mad.

5. How do you find dark galaxies if they do not give off any light? It can be done and has been done!


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