Music Inspiration

I’m always looking for great new music to inspire me while I write. After all, I can’t always rely on ambient sounds to generate the mood I desire.

Some writers require absolute silence in order to be able to think. I’m not one of those. Music is in my veins, and if I was more disciplined, I believe my red blood cells would be little notes hanging on strings, quivering as they passed by, my white blood cells would be treble clefs and my plasma, the bass clef.

When I’m working on a story with a decidedly African theme, where my characters embody the characters from my own country with their quirks, badly spoken english, ingenious inventions to ease their lives and the beautiful smiles that light up darkened smoky rooms during an after-dinner story, then I prefer to listen to my African Voices collection.

Quite by accident, I came across an artist whose voice and vibe I love. Honest music mulls my soul in some kinda sweetness that makes the mood just right. This young woman scats over the notes like a well tuned jazz instrument and the use of the iPad loop ap is ingenious. Frankly, I am taken with her music and will purchase it immediatement! Please enjoy the video below!



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