A gentleman painted this for his niece who is recovering from a serious disease.

Qavah the Brave
by ~Wes-Talbott

The sentiment is sweet and caring, but this is not encouraging for a number of reasons.

1. Unless a black girl is wearing a wig or has straightened her beautiful curls to look eurocentric, her hair will not be waving in the wind.

2. The crusades? Really? That is the image you would like her to have of herself? What happens when she finds out about the brutal history of the crusades and how many of them tortured and maimed other cultures because they were not like their own.

3. There are actual African warrior princesses in history who did not wear mail or wield swords like these. An image honoring her heritage and reminding her that even though she is adopted, there is some real warrior blood in her that stretches to a rich a vibrant history that is mysterious and strong.

4. Is your niece cross eyed? Her picture on her mother’s blog shows a beautiful young woman.

The sentiment is good though.

Sigh. (I hate telling people off who think they’re actually doing something really nice for another person)


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