Third time is the charm

I’ve been working on a character, Mr. Gaysbury (not his real name) and I’m finding it difficult to bring him out.

Making someone care about your character is one of the harder things about chapter one. Unless you’re writing a thriller, you cannot really start it with such a loud bang that everything from that point cools the story down. On the other hand, you can’t drone on and on about silence… or so my editor says. Apparently it doesn’t take all that to tell the audience that there was silence. If I didn’t like her we may have had some problems.

So I’m going to write the chapter one more time. I’ll try to allow my audience to picture it without going on about silence and make Mr. Gaysbury interesting enough so that someone else can care about his wretched state.

I’ll start tomorrow. Right now my schedule says it’s breakdancing time.


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