I wish I were one of those people who struck fear into the hearts of my fellow human beings. Sometimes you work hard on a piece, or maybe it comes really easily to you and then you find it somewhere else online under someone else’s name! And guess what?! They’re getting accolades for your work!

It is disheartening to find your images under someone else’s name or your poetry signed with their name or being performed in poetry slams. There was a time, a long time ago, when I thought that people were honest with a few exceptions. Then I met barracudas who steal ideas for movies under the guise of a competition. Your story won’t get picked for a prize, but when you go to watch a summer block buster you realize that you know this story. What about ghost writers who have sold their souls to “the man” and steal stories to write for celebrity author wannabes?

I’m of the more demure constitution and I do not have “internet height” but I’m African yo! You betta WATCH YO’SELF.

Mess around and get cut!


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