Pet Peeve of the day

Jezebel was not a whore.

I know that people use this name to describe someone they think is a whore or someone who betrays other people, but I think it might be appropriate to first do a little research before using the term.

Whilst I know that some have an aversion to reading lines from the not-so-holy book, that is where Jezebel if first mentioned and she is anything but a whore or a female Judas.

Some pieces of her life (if we are to take the story from the Bible, which is the only place she is EVER mentioned), are in 1 Kings 16, 17 and 18.

(What? I’m a PK, OK?)

She was strong, convincing, had her husbands ear (and heart), was a mover and shaker and did not suffer fools lightly. She died horribly, but she was NEVER EVER a whore. EVER.



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