Quality Street

Mood: Quiet contemplation
Book: The Children’s Book
The weather outside: is frosty
Today’s Resolution: Be Productive!!!!

Another Birthday came and went uneventfully, with the only highlight being the box of Quality Street chocolates my BFF got us. See, we share a birthday and make a lot of noise about it before it comes, hardly celebrate it when it gets here and make a lot of fuss about the lack of presents and cake.

This year is almost the same. Except BFF decided to go exploring other regions of the World and left me to fend for myself.

*Dramatic Sigh*

And now here I am looking at a box of chocolates thinking about being old and getting sick and loneliness. I’m a lone loner of loneliness! (to steal a phrase from Sid )

*Stuffing mouth with Fondant au chocolat*

So, as I sit here, eating myself into a glucose induced coma, comforting myself the only way I know how, I remember all the useless phrases said to me in order to make a case for some other useless life lesson.

“Life is like a box of chocolates”

No it’s not! Boxes of chocolates come with nice little papers to let you know which chocolate to avoid! Okay?! If not you have a knife, cut into the bloody thing and CHECK!

Sure things happen to us all the time that we’d rather not experience. Sometimes they help us grow and other times they come just to make life shitty. That is the way it goes, you know? So what is with comparing it to a box of chocolates?

Ah well. There is my super intelligent thought of the day.

Now GIT!!!


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