Written for the first man in my life!

Strong towers aren’t built
With dreams and sunbeams
Or Marshmallow clouds
that are tossed by winds or whims
absorbing the changing mood
of the sun by day.

The strong brick, rough and worn
scratching post for sheep shorn
stretching tall shading
harsh rays from strays resting
in it’s shadow.

The rough surface tickles my hand as I walk around it
Finding deep notches where moss
has found a home
making it smooth.

I’m safe in this fortress
I dont’ even notice the storm
that rages outside
covering the parts of me that must grow to show
how you fathered me.

See it was never about
the clothes on my back
or labels that come with it
jor the fact that we walked home
from a full day of slavin’ it

It was the
Keep your back straight
and your chin held high
let the world see your pride
there ain’t nothin’ to hide.

You said
C’mon child don’t slack
They’ll shoot you in the back
and attack your ineptitude.

When you
Held me close as my heart broke
as the screen of smoke
covered the bloke who left me.

Kinyagiro come here
don’t let this breed fear
you will find love again.

It was the
tears in your eyes as sweet
sorrowful goodbyes
soaked through the glass
that separated us.

Still hear you say
It pays to remember
what you learned at home
all of your days sweet one

It’s in the smile I hear
on the other end of the phone
when I call and know
you take pleasure in the sound of my voice
it’s your choice
to let me know

Thank you for being
the only father I’ve ever wanted
for sheltering me, I’m content
For a lifetime of memories completed
supporting m dreams even when I’m defeated
depleted and done.

I love you Daddy!


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